Mid-Year Already?

It is hard to believe we’ve already hit the mid-year mark for 2015. The year so far has been exciting and the second half looks even better; especially if you are a cigar enthusiast in Houston.

In January we kicked off our Thursday night events at 1919 Wine & Mixology. One Thursday per month, Houston Cigar Life would take over the beautiful wine & mixology lounge and convert it into a cigar smokers wonderland.

In the last 6 months we have entertained over 3,000 of Houston’s finest revelers through our Thursday night events.

However, as we work diligently to to offer great smoking options for Houston’s cigar community; there was a consistent theme among the feedback we received… “can you do an earlier party.”

Our events at 1919 are from 9 pm to 2 am on a Thursday night. That time slot works out great for many, but there is a large number of people who’d prefer an earlier event.

Enter The Good Life at Mr. Peeples

Mr. Peeples is one of those rare Houston venues offering style, class and an amazing ambiance all  in one. Also, the management team is highly motivated to offer Houstonian’s with refined taste, options to enjoy all that is good.

This is why Houston Cigar Life and Mr. Peeples have teamed up to bring The Good Life Happy Hour to you.

We wanted to create an early Friday evening party that would offer the same classy and social vibe as our Thursday night parties. So we have brought a similar concept to you with a few customization’s to enhance your time with us significantly.

Mr. Peeples Patio

Mr. Peeples Patio

What Can You Expect?

Each week we will offer a hand selected fine cigar and premium spirit pairing at a deal worthy of Houston’s most finicky enthusiasts! We will also offer complimentary champagne for ladies from 5 – 6 pm.

The event opens softly at 4 p.m., then at 5 p.m. the lovely and talented DJ Tiffany Kristensen will drop the chillest vibes for you and your friends to lounge to while enjoying your champagne or fine cigar & spirit pairing. The party itself won’t stop until 10 pm or later, so you have plenty of time to get there.

All this will be done on the beautiful Mr. Peeples patio, under the Downtown skyline.

Throughout the evening, we will have a special lite bite menu that will ensure all of your sense are stimulated to the max.

The Good Life at Mr. Peeples will offer you an excellent evening to hangout with your friends, enjoy a few drinks with your coworkers or to simply puff on a cigar while people-watching and enjoying great music.

If you are about living well, then you will love The Good Life Happy Hour; and in that case see you June 12th!

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