Today I spent a solid 3 hours discussing the future of Houston’s cigar smoking community. The venue for this meeting was a private apartment converted into a cigar lounge.

“The Apartment” is a direct result of Houston’s Downing Street shutting down earlier this year. A few enterprising individuals were so upset their Inner-Loop go-to cigar bar went under, they rented an apartment about a block away and turned it into, The Apartment.

The uber-private venue is a cigar connoisseurs haven by any stretch of the imagination.

With a fridge stocked full of cold beverages, coupled with cabinets bursting at the seams with hard spirits; you have a full arsenal of drinks to pair with your favorite smoke.

Fix yourself a drink and plunk down in any one of the large leather couches adorned with built in cup holders and drift away into smokers bliss. Got money on your mind?

A full business center with two computers, a printer and WiFi ensure you’ll be able to tie off your major deal before joining the conversation among the members.

Member comfort is ensured by two full-size air conditioners to support the central air which is purified through two industrial grade smoke eaters.

An ultra large flat panel TV is seamlessly affixed to the wall with full cable channel access.

24 hour access is granted to a select few via a Bluetooth enabled entry system that is remotely monitored by the private apartment / lounge’s executive committee.

The executive committee is a coalition of Houston heavy hitters who are hell bent on ensuring the Inner-Loop is once again outfitted with a full service cigar lounge where you can eat, smoke and drink all under one roof.

While they are a few months away from opening day of the actual venue; they’ve managed the noble task of ensuring Inner-Loop cigar lovers have a place to carry on traditions that were galvanized during Downing Streets 10 year run.

There is no membership fee because its all donation driven, but donations must be good because next month they’re upgrading to a larger three bedroom unit within the same building.

How can you enjoy a smoke at The Apartment? Keep an eye out for an event co-headlined by Houston Cigar Life magazine and this committee of extraordinary gentlemen.

Mix and mingle with the folks at the event and maybe you too can join this exclusive club of individuals who are pioneering a way forward for Houston’s cigar life.

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  1. christopher dunn

    Loved the article. I heard of underground cigar bars and lounges in Cali, but it’s cool to hear there’s something like that in Houston. How do I find a way to get an invite to join?


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