Ready to celebrate the Good Life in 2015?

One of the key tenets of a “Good Life” is a Life of Pleasure. This was outlined by Aristotle after his teacher Plato initially philosophized the idea of achieving the highest level of human flourishing.

The other two tenets of the Good Life include a life of political activity and a philosophical life.

He later adds the good life cannot be achieved without living “A life of virtue in accordance with reason.”

How does this tie into the upcoming Suits & Cigars | Fishnets & Champagne party on January 22nd at 1919 Wine & Mixology?

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On this night we will revel in a virtuous party where ladies and gentlemen of like mind will pursue the life of pleasure, engage in the politics of the sexes and philosophize on which craft cocktails pair best with which fine cigar.

We will do this to the backdrop of chill music surrounded by candles, beautiful people and an upscale lounge ideally suited for such an occasion.

Let there be no mistake, this is a party. However, the time has come in Houston where partying  should be done on a level consistent with our status as one of the world’s greatest cities.

On January 22nd, 1919 Wine & Mixology will be your playground to enjoy and relax in an environment which caters to your entertainment.

Our mixologists behind the famed 1919 Mixology bar, will carefully handcraft cocktails that will seamlessly pair with your cigar of choice. Your cocktail & cigars can be enjoyed on the heated while listening to DJ Nando narrate your night with chill music.

If you prefer champagne, wine or other elixirs, 1919 has a wide assortment of rare selections for you to choose from.

You can make it a full evening by starting your night early and having dinner at Corner Table right next to 1919 Wine & Mixology.

Inside the 1919 Mixology lounge, you can dance, reserve a table or simply pick a comfy spot and watch people as they come and go.

If you have been to a Houston Cigar Life event before, then you know one thing is certain, a good time.

So we hope you will be there to revel in the New Year and set the bar for cigar parties in Houston moving forward!

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