Public Display of Relaxation: PDR Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada
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Before I get into the details of this wonderful cigar, let me welcome Mr. Ryan Morrow to the cigar industry. Ryan is the new Texas Regional Sales Manager for PDR Cigars.

He replaces the animated and often outrageous cigar selling genius of Brandon Jay Luna. Brandon has since moved on to Nat Sherman and in his place, PDR appointed a cigar industry outsider to push the Dominican brand forward in the great state of Texas.

Ryan was previously a sales professional in the Oil & Gas industry, but that came to an abrupt end when the Saudi’s & OPEC waged economic war on the U.S. in hopes to stifle our oil production on the home-front. (source)

How’s that working out for you OPEC? (explore further)

I met Ryan while having a cigar with one of Houston’s most well known collectors of fine & rare cigars, Jonathan Fiant. We were in the members area of Cigar Cigar in Sugar Land when Jonathan introduced me to Ryan.

Within the couple of hours we spent picking one another brains, I concluded he had the skill and fire in his belly needed to sell cigars on a large scale. After all, he’s proven success in an industry as unforgiving and ‘Good Ol’Boy’ as the cigar industry.

I told Ryan that a couple of years ago I used to smoke a bunch of PDR’s, specifically the Oscuro Maduro which I’d get from Cigar Towne regularly. However, my palate now favors the less ass kicking variety of cigars.

Enter PDR Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada.

After telling Ryan why I haven’t been smoking PDR’s lately, he handed me a 10th Anniversary Figurado (6.5 x 52). At first I thought it was a Connecticut wrapped cigar, which are usually too light for me, but Ryan clarified the details.

The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano, with a Nicaraguan & 7-year aged Piloto Cubano filler bound by a Dominican Olor leaf.

At the time, I was already smoking one of Jonathan’s own Dominican produced cigars, the J.London. So I put it aside and waited a couple of days to fire up the 10th Anniversary he gave me, but when I finally fired it up, I was taken back by the amount of depth the cigar offered.

Don’t be fooled by it’s light, golden honey wrapper, this is a true PDR cigar through and through. It won’t hit you with the signature PDR Oscuro Maduro uppercut, but it will satisfy you like a hearty meal.

Introduced at IPCPR in 2014, the Reserva Limitada celebrates 10 years of cigar making joy by Abe Flores & the Rodriguez Brothers. Considering this duo has produced some serious hits in that time and many daily smokes for many of us, it’s not surprising the one cigar that symbolizes 10 years of passion would be as good as this one.

After enjoying the Figurado Ryan gave me, I went over to Serious Cigar and bought a Grand Toro (6 x 54).

For the record, many times I am handed cigars try, but until I am willing to pay for one out of my pocket, I won’t review it. 

So here we are with a cigar that may not get as much attention as the 2014 Cigar of the Year Oliva V Melanio or any one of Padron’s cigars. But if you like a beefy cigar that won’t beat you down, but will deliver steady horsepower, then this is a cigar for you.

And here is why… Cigar Review Begins Here:

Construction on both vitola’s I smoked was solid. There was no unraveling, tunneling or odd burning patterns on the foot. The cigar also stayed reasonably lit during long periods of not puffing on it while the ash stayed tight.

Depth and richness of flavor on both cigars I smoked delivered consistently. I got plenty of Earth, char and roasted nuts. This isn’t a creamy cigar, but the draw is smooth and each puff produces a large enough plume of smoke with ease.

This cigar would pair great with a nice Cabernet or Bourbon. At $9.75 retail, this is certainly worth the price. To put it into perspective, you can get an Oliva O for about $5.50 with similar build and tobacco quality, but definitely not the deep, rich flavor.

On the other hand, you can get similar flavor & strength range in a Crowned Heads Yellow Rose of Texas for about $12.00, but at the moment if I can get a 10th Anniversary for $3.00 +/- less, I’ll go with the PDR 10th Anniversary for the time being.

In summary, there are many new cigars on the horizon with IPCPR 2016 around the corner, but don’t forget there are many great cigars that have been around that you haven’t tried. The PDR Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Reserva Limitada was one of those cigars for me.

As a result, I will enjoy this new entrant into my rotation and show ‘public displays of relaxation’ and celebrate 10 years of PDR’s success.

I appreciate Ryan introducing it to me and I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I did!

– W

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