Last year Houston Cigar Life hosted thousands of cigar enthusiasts and newbies alike at over 20 cigar events around Houston. Some of our biggest events drew in over 800 guests per night and many fine cigars were enjoyed in that time.

June 20th, 2016 marked the offical start of Summer here in the U.S. and along with it a new series of cigar events have been lined up for our great city.

We will also expand our scope outside of Houston so keep an eye out for amazing cigar events in neighboring Texas cities as well.

None of the events are possible without the help of the wonderful people involved and the beautiful guests who attend. This year we are adding new members to our team and are excited to welcome Mandy Rochman to the Houston Cigar Life event staff.

She’ll be joining us for the Don Lucas Cigars Launch Party on June 30th at Cigar Cigar in Sugar Land, TX.

Mandy is a native Houstonian with Spanish heritage. She has all the qualities we look for; a great personality, unparalleled beauty and an appreciation for the cigar lifestyle.

Check out her IG profile here: @mandyrochman

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Although she doesn’t smoke as many cigars as many of us old grunts do, but she has tried a few Cuban cigars. We are glad to have her join us for the Don Lucas event so she can expand her palette and try some fine Dominican cigars straight from Punta Cana.

Please welcome her to the community as we look forward to an amazing event season and hopefully you will get to see more of her in the days and weeks to come!

You’ll get your first chance at our event on June 30th. Click here to see the event details and which guests have already confirmed their attendance: https://www.facebook.com/events/1717344881859363/

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