padron little hammer picture 2On August 19th, 2014 Jorge Padron will visit Lone Star Tobacco in Houston’s Vintage Park (near Tomball, TX) from 5 pm to 10 pm. (click here for event details)

Jorge’s father, Jose Orlando Padron founded Padron Cigars in Miami, FL in 1964; two years after receiving refugee asylum in the United States from Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

With a paltry government assistance of $60 USD per month and an ambition to do more, Padron Sr. worked day and night to save up $600 USD which he parlayed into Padron Cigars.

What inspired the 36 year old Padron through the nearly impossible task of saving money while severely over-worked and ridiculously underpaid?

If you have purchased a box of Padron cigars or paid close attention to the 45th Anniversary band, you may have seen the, “Little Hammer.”

If not, then you can find the official text of the story here: (click)

In summary, as Padron Sr. yearned for a better tomorrow as a newly transplanted Cuban refugee in Miami, he was given a small hammer by his friend, Raul Fernandez.

Raul who worked in Miami’s Refugee office, asked Jose if he had any skills; to which Jose replied, “carpentry.” He was then given a small hammer which he could use to apply his craft and make some money.

It’s with this hammer Jose worked odd jobs over the next two years where he scrimped and saved dollars here and there until it totaled $600. This was enough to start a small cigar rolling operation; with the ambition of making quality cigars like those he smoked in his homeland of Cuba.

Click play below to listen to the story of the Little Hammer in Spanish:

Years later; with an empire on the rise, his son Jorge took over the reigns of Padron Cigars and continued to humbly build the Padron brand without ever forgetting the story of the, “Little Hammer.”

Meet Jorge Padron on August 19th at Lone Star Tobacco where you can personally ask Jorge for the remainder of this legendary story. If you can’t make it, Houston Cigar Life will be there to document and share his story for our readers who can’t make it…



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