LaMond Antroi had an aha moment about 2 years ago when he and his fraternity brothers linked up for a cigar get together. They had the opportunity to catch up on good times and share knowledge about everything new going on in their lives.

Through these discussions information was shared in a model we now call ‘crowdsourcing‘ over the modern day campfire, cigars. After a two year hiatus from his original thought, he decided to push forward and unite the broader fraternity and sorority communities of Texas into one big, epic cigar festival.

Texas Greek Cigar Festival 

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It will be held on July 2nd at B&B Cigars 1873 in Southwest Houston. This time however, the event isn’t limited to his fraternity only. He’s opened it up to Greek Life brothers and sisters across the state of Texas.

Being an inaugural event, it’s possible word hasn’t reached places like Amarillo or El Paso, but he is expecting a strong Houston and surrounding area turnout.

LaMond’s committed to a long-term vision of growth for his Texas Greek Cigar Fest with hopes to unite the great minds who have passed through the halls of Texas universities.

He’s also  made it a point not to exclude non-fraternity or sorority members. As life moves on, the bonds we make in college evolve professionally and more often than not, include people who weren’t part of college Greek Life.

Those relationships are just as important and provide a tremendous amount of networking value for each person involved. Therefore leveraging the ‘6 Degrees of Separation‘ law, he hopes to supercharge the professional equity at his event.

So far reception to LaMond’s theme has been very positive. In fact, his Early Bird tickets have already sold out and he now has only 30 General Admission tickets left with a $50.00 face value.

The ticket value includes: 

  • Open food bar
  • Open drink bar
  • 5 pack cigar sampler
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If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet or need more information about the Texas Greek Cigar Festival, you can check out details here on their EventBrite page (click here).

In addition, LaMond and company will be at the Don Lucas Cigars Launch Party held at Cigar Cigar on June 30th with a few tickets to be included in event’s raffle.

The Don Lucas Launch Party will be hosted by Houston’s top Cigar Sommelier Jonathan Fiant and Don Lucas President of U.S. Operations will fly in from Punta Cana to meet and greet customers and guests.

Also The Movers & Shakers of Houston Tristen Sutton and Mark Martin will be onsite as Special Guests hosting their monthly Cigars & Connections Networking Event.

We invite you to join us for a fantastic cigar launch straight from the Dominican Republic and to possibly grab a couple of Texas Greek Cigar Fest tickets while you are at it!

July 4th weekend will be an exciting one for Houston’s social cigar scene and we look forward to seeing you out!

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