Cigar of the Week: Kristoff Ligero Maduro (Long Ash Edition) Pics Included...
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If you follow @houstoncigarlife on Instagram, you have seen many cigars with exceptionally long ashes. The Ashton VSG can always be counted on for its quality construction and great burning tobacco to produce a quality, 3″+ ash.

Here is one shot…

Here is another…

Anytime I fire up an Ashton VSG I can get a long ash, not because I am some long ash wizard, but because the VSG is that good!

The record holder till this day however, is the AKA Solace that Tom Poehler once handed to me; I was down to about a half an inch of cigar and the ash just would not break. Check it out here…

With that said, today I picked up a Kristoff Ligero Maduro Matador (6.5 x 56). I have enjoyed many Kristoff’s over the  years and never had a complaint, but for some reason they fell out of my rotation.  After today’s showing by the maduro I smoked, that will change.

Check this out…

This was one solid ash and I am almost certain I can repeat this infinitely with every Kristoff Maduro if I wanted to; that is how well this cigar was made.

Why is producing a long ash a sign of quality? Because the tobacco has to burn exceptionally well and evenly for starters. Crappy tobacco doesn’t burn evenly and it will keep going out between extended rests. Once you start on the mission of producing a long ash, you can forget about relighting your cigar.

To keep it lit, you also just can’t keep puffing on it either, or else your cigar will overheat and your ash will simply break off if your cherry is too big.

Ash needs to be built up patiently, like layers of ice. You puff, get some ash going then rest for a minute or two, then you puff again after that layer of ash has cooled off…

You do this over and over while keeping a steady hand and within the hour you should have an ash like you see in the pictures above.

I say ‘should’ because for this to happen, the construction of the cigar has to be nearly perfect in addition to the points mentioned above. Poor rolling will make your cigar unravel well before you get to the end and tunneling will kill your draw.

In other words, to produce a quality ash your cigar needs to be near perfect.

Established in 2004 by Glen Case, Kristoff isn’t a brand known for subpar cigars. Here is what they say about their about their cigars:

“Kristoff Cigars is one of the fastest growing boutique manufacturers in the cigar industry. We’ve assembled the finest master blenders with generations of Cuban Cigar making experience to derive the exquisite taste of our cigars.

At Kristoff, we use only the highest quality double and triple fermented premium tobaccos from around the world; they are then artfully blended so as to satisfy the palate of the most discriminating cigar aficionado.” (source)

The cigars I have smoked from them have always delivered on the promise above and after getting the respectable ash I got today, I have to nominate this as the Cigar of the Week.

What is in the Kristoff Ligero Maduro? Cigar Review Begins Here:

For starters, they wrap it in a rich, dark and oily Brazilian Maduro. The filler is aged Honduran and Dominican Habano. Lastly, their binder is Dominican Olor, the same binder in last week’s Cigar of the Week, the PDR Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary.

This is definitely a full bodied cigar, but it is a breeze to smoke. It won’t give you the jitters like the LFD Capitulo Series.

It draws very well and feels premium to the touch. It isn’t sweet like some maduro leafs, but it will give you strong overtones of coffee bean and dark chocolate.

The official tasting notes from Kristoff’s website state:

“The maduro ligero washes your palate with notes of espresso bean, dark chocolate, a hint of mix berry and a sweet cocoa finish.” (source)

Cigar Snob also gave this cigar a 90 rating.

At $10.00 retail for the the Matador, you are getting a premium cigar at a great value. This cigar is living proof you don’t have to pay $20.00 + for a premium, high quality cigar.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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