Imagine everyday you wake up and you need to relentlessly create and sustain demand for over 8 million cigars per year. Within that 8 million in annual volume, you have 105 different cigar labels sold in over 58 countries that all require a different approach to sales & marketing.

Doesn’t sound easy does it?

It’s these sort of complex challenges Mr. Hansaotia, founder of Gurkha Cigars, calculates solutions to while enjoying one of his premium cigars.

With this on his mind, he recently met a gentlemen in Thailand by the name of Eddy Guerra.

The two spoke at length about how Eddy, a native of Miami, Florida built 6 successful upscale cigar lounges throughout Southeast Asia. Also, prior to entering the cigar industry in 2010, Mr. Guerra crafted insatiable demand for the uber-luxury Nikki Beach Clubs as their Director of Marketing . (explore further)

Mr. Hansaotia was instantly impressed not only with Eddy’s knowledge about cigars, but also his acumen in marketing to a narrow, yet high spending luxury market. With a cigar brand that caters to international celebrities to our own Washington political elites, Mr. Hansaotia knew he found the solution to his challenge and had to make a move, a big one.

Introducing Eddy Guerra, Gurkha Cigars‘ New Director of Marketing

In 2010 Mr. Guerra became a partner in the Thailand-based ChindAsia Capital Partners, which grew to become the largest distributor of non-Cuban cigars in Southeast Asia.

Under the ChindAsia Capital Partners umbrella, Guerra helped create the Whisgars Cigar/Whiskey lounge concept, which catered to the luxury market. Under Guerra’s watch, Whisgars was an immediate success. Its growth was rapid, with the brand establishing six (6) locations, throughout Southeast Asia.

After hiring Mr. Guerra, Gurkha’s founder had this to say:

“After meeting Eddy in Thailand, we quickly became friends and I knew his knowledge about cigars and marketing acumen would make him a tremendous asset to the Gurkha team. I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with Guerra.”

It’s too early to share the specifics of Mr. Guerra’s strategy and vision for the Gurkha brand moving forward, but one thing is for certain; both Guerra and Hansaotia are keen to corner the luxury cigar market.

With Gurkha’s expertise, built in reputation and Mr. Guerra’s proven capabilities, it will be exciting to see what fruit this partnership bears.


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