Yes there are AP’s for over a million dollars with more diamonds than real estate on the watch. Of course everyone loves a solid Hublot; the trendy watch of the moment.

Rolex will always be Rolex, the reliable investment timepiece that rarely reverses in value.

Lastly, there are a ton of new ‘Smart Watches’ that have come out, but have failed to gain traction mainly because… they don’t seem that smart afterall.

On that last note, what makes a watch smart? It’s ability to double up as a mini-computer on your wrist? Or is it the brilliance of it’s engineering in physics defying spaces to operate with relentless precision?

I choose the latter…

You need to see the Jacob & Co. collection of watches that will blow your mind away. Let’s start with the Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon. Words don’t exist to describe it so check out this YouTube video by Jacob & Co.  Fast forward to the 30 second mark to see it in action:

That’s damn epic isn’t it? Here is another look from their Instagram page:

A video posted by Jacob & Co. (@jacobandco) on

I have seen this video over 30 times and it never gets old. Cigars and watches aren’t that different in the way they are appreciated.

The time it takes to make this sort of timepiece is painstaking to say the least. The amount of detail and precision that goes into producing it is similar to the artisan craftsmanship behind a truly fine cigar.

There are a lot of good watches out there, just like good cigars, but there are truly only a handful great cigars and even less are epic.

Jacob & Co. have transcended into epic territory with such complex movements that move like an orchestra on your wrist.

Is this the best watch you have seen? If not, what do you think ranks or out ranks this one?

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