Have you heard the phrase, “Dress Italian, Drive German and Kiss French?”  For this reason Houston Cigar Life takes its style cues from our friends at The Mans Book based in Italy. (Click here follow on The Mans Book on Facebook)

When it comes to styling the Modern Man, they take the crown as one of the best stylists for those of us looking for the next statement to make.

Today, let’s look at the best way to rock pocket squares.

Your pocket square can do one of two things, create excitement for an understated outfit or dial back an outfit that’s already loud and bold. As a bonus, your pocket square can also let people know you’re a man of excruciating detail.

I’ll feature three examples of this so you can use them as a guide next time you decide to rock a pocket square.

All about details... click to enlarge

All about details… click to enlarge

Check out this gentleman in his royal blue suit. While his pocket square matches his tie; his suit and brown loafers sans socks are the focal points of this ensemble. The purpose of his tie and pocket square are to draw out the rich colors of his overall outfit.

At closer look, you can see this in action as the bronze pattern on his pocket square and tie highlight the brown in his shoes and watch band. The goal here isn’t to make a statement with his pocket square, his suit does enough of that. A pocket square contrasting his suit would create a kaleidoscope of colors; and no one wants to look like that.

What he does say is details are his thing and color coordination isn’t his weakness!

Red Pocket Square SM

Bring it to life… click to enlarge

Here’s an example when your pocket square can stand out boldly from your suit and work. While his light gray, loosely woven suit pairs calmly with his slim dark blue tie with white speckles; his bright red pocket square slams intense color into his outfit bringing it all to life.

Even the flower on his lapel is there to blend in; while his pocket square takes center stage.

This is a perfect Sunday brunch outfit or an early evening date on a weeknight.

Dial it back... click to enlarge

Dial it back… click to enlarge

Our last example is another bold proclamation featuring green as the predominant color. Much like our first suit which was a powerful blue, this gentleman’s dark green blazer has enough going on where a clashing pocket square would scream look at me in the worst way possible.

In this case, he has opted to match his pocket square with his shirt, and his tie with his blazer. He has decided to have fun with his outfit by coordinating his hat, tie, socks and shoes; all accenting his blazer as the focal point.

His gray pants are basically saying don’t mind me, I am just here for the ride!

These are three examples of how you can mix and match your pocket square, without clashing them with the rest of your outfit.

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