Houston's #1 Luxury Cigar Lounge: The Marque
  • Unparalleled service.
  • Themed rooms for any occasion.
  • If you want it, can afford it, they can get it.
  • It's not for everyone.
  • Can get rowdy at times.
  • Not the best place to bring your wife.
95%Overall Score
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marque logoAs a member of the Marque located in Houston’s City Center, I have to admit my review is severely biased. If my bias is towards favoritism, its not because I’m paid to speak on their behalf, but because they are in a league of their own by any definition.

For this reason alone, I’m happy to passionately share my perspective with you in hopes that one day you too can share the experience which helps make Houston one of the world’s greatest cities!

Comparing the Marque to other cigar bars or lounges isn’t a fair comparison because its what you or I would’ve created with an unlimited budget, but haven’t because we don’t have an unlimited budget. Apparently the folks behind the Marque do, and while Houston offers great smoking lounges, none that I know of offer 24 karat gold leaf on their walls.

Although the 24 karat gold leaf decor does little to make your drink taste better or cigar smoke more smoothly, it certainly makes you feel better knowing its there right behind you!

members enterance

Private Members Entrance

The Marque is a 15,000 square foot luxury play area for a few hundred carefully selected, well to do members. The amenities it boasts include a private members entrance, cigar / drink lockers, full service restaurant, night club, wine cellar, a grand lounge, boardroom, poker room, outdoor patio and tequila library, yet I’d argue the soul of the Marque resides within the walls of its beautifully appointed cigar lounge.

What separates its cigar lounge from the rest? Its one of the only cigar bars in Houston where you can smoke and buy a drink without leaving your comfortable leather sofa!

The drinks on the menu are hardly rivaled by the most well stocked bars in Houston. They are one of only 2 bars in all of Texas which serve The Macallan M; better known as the Ultimate Macallan. (read more here)

Asides from the exclusive M; the drinks range from pocket friendly beers, wines and spirits to all out celebratory libations. And celebrations are often and full throttle among the members who can easily pair Louis XIII with rare aged cigars on a random Tuesday night.

Cigar Lounge

Marque Cigar Lounge

Speaking of its members, if the cigar lounge is the soul of the Marque, its members and amazing staff are the deities which give it life. Some of my greatest memories as an adult have taken place among the member camaraderie where I have forged deep friendships that have enriched me personally and professionally.

Its perfectly fair to say the Marque isn’t for everyone. I know many well to do socialites in Houston who feel its too over the top for them. But its this exclusivity and brash exuberance that offers you a secure and private solace where you can experience the fruits of your labor front and center.

I once spent 16 hours straight at the Marque and never felt a single moment where I had been there too long. Their food menu is on par with Houston’s most luxurious restaurants; yet if you feel the need to you can order food from anywhere in City Center and a member of the staff will pick it up for you.

Marque Cigar Lounge

Marque Cigar Lounge

During my 16 hour binge, I had lunch, dinner, a business meeting, wrote an article for my other publication, partied and smoked a ton of cigars without ever leaving the confines of the club. Its like being in Vegas without all the annoying congestion and noise.

All in all, the Marque is worth every penny of the monthly mortgage payment I pay for my senseless consumption. They do offer a bar which is open to the public on weekends which in itself is one of the most beautiful places to drink, dance and party in a group or have a intimate date night.

If  you have yet to visit, I’d recommend passing by and saying hello; as intimidating as it seems from the outside, its really a warm place to get away from it all; plus 24 karat wall decor of course!


UPDATE: As of March 16, 2016 the Marque is no longer open. It has closed its doors permanently. 

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