Houston's #1 Cigar Friendly Houston Restaurant Weeks Destination
Smoker Comfortability70%
Drink Selection80%
Tastiness of Food100%
Cigar Selection30%
Why you'd love it!
  • Great drink selection
  • Incredible Houston Restaurant Weeks menu at a great value
  • Cigar friendly
What may annoy you...
  • Patio can get hot, no indoor smoking
  • Deviating from Houston Restaurant Weeks menu will increase your total bill exponentially
  • Traffic around Highland Village
80%Overall Score
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smith wollenskyCigar smokers around the world are always looking for chill places to smoke, pair a drink and have a filling meal (usually in that order…) However in Houston, like in many other places; people who enjoy the leisurely lifestyle are victims to no smoking ordinances that affect cigar smokers and cigarette smokers alike.  (check out the ordinance text here)

So finding a place to smoke while enjoying a good drink over a meal can be extra challenging. This is why I have come to enjoy and appreciate long Sunday afternoons at Smith & Wollensky’s in Houston’s Highland Village.

They have a smoke friendly mid-sized patio with seating for 50 – 60 people at any given time.  Two flat panel TV’s usually playing the most important sporting event of the moment flank the upper and lower level of the patio. During Summer afternoons, the patio can get hot; very hot due to the always there humidity of Houston.

During evenings however, the fans are sufficient to keep you cool and you can always move between the indoor / outdoor patio when its time to smoke.

Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Patio

Their bar; which is indoors and connected to the outdoor patio has an extensive collection of wines, rums, bourbons, whiskeys, scotches and tequila plus an array of hand crafted mixed drinks.

Smith and Wollensky’s offers a small cigar menu in case you forget to bring your own smoke. I’ll post a picture of it in a day or so and will share a tip about a incorrectly priced cigar which is essentially a steal.

The food menu is quite extensive and definitely expensive. However, with Houston Restaurant Weeks kicking off August 1st through September 1st, you can enjoy full-course menus ranging from $20 to $35 during this time.

Indoor Bar

Indoor Bar

Considering I have easily spent $300+ in one sitting between two people, this has to be one of the best deals out there. I will be visiting Smith & Wollensky’s to test out the menu, and if it is as good as everything else I have had there; then I am sure I will report back with  a positive review.

In the mean time, check out their Houston Restaurant Weeks menus to see what you will pair with your smoke during your next visit!

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