Photog Credit: Houston Chronicle

Photog Credit: Houston Chronicle – Taken in 2010 in the Early Stages of Cigar Towne

Cheryl and Daniel, co-owners of Cigar Towne in the Energy Corridor are both celebrating birthdays in January. To get everyone involved in the festivities, this Thursday they are putting everything in the humidor on sale. Many of you have messaged me about Cigar Towne, so this is a great time to check it out.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize what they have done for the Houston cigar community and wish them a very happy birthday!

What do I love about Cigar Towne?

I’d have to say the people who frequent this quaint refuge nestled within the Energy Corridor. We all sit around and jaw at each other one minute and then engage in highly intellectual conversations the next minute. If you aren’t in the mood for talking, then simply smoke your cigar and listen in on the varying ebbs and flow of discussion.

The real gems of Cigar Towne are Cheryl and Daniel who hang out right alongside us without missing a beat on service. They genuinely like their customers and have nurtured a sense of community in their shop.

It’s for this reason I find myself looking forward to my daily smoke at Cigar Towne.

Cheryl / Dan, if you read this then I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and wish you many more for years to come!

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