Grey Suit for Summer

Grey Suit for Spring / Summer Photog: The Mans Book

My friends over at the Mans Book in Italy have agreed to work with me on sharing the most up to date style trends for the modern man who cares about what he wears.

If you have not been to their Facebook Page, then check it out here and follow them for regular style updates: The Mans Book

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With that said, this newest post comes with a nice twist on the Summer suit. Grey is one of those colors that can be worn year round.

In the Winter, I prefer a darker grey while during the warmer months I go towards the lighter end of the spectrum. However, unlike white or black suits, grey suits aren’t too warm or too cool for  either climatic extreme.

However, when going grey, you want to be aware of the patterns and the weight of the fabric. When it is 80 degrees out and sunny, you would die in a wool suit.

Instead, you want linen or light cotton jackets that breathe well to keep you from overheating. Also, the accenting of lighter ties and pocket squares will go a long way in ensuring you not only bring out the lighter tones of your suit, but also express you are aware it is warm out and wearing an ensemble for style; not just to be a stooge wearing a suit.

The Mans Book excels at this by coordinating the watch band, tie and pocket square while finishing it off with a pair of white tennis shoes.

Grey Suit for Winter / Fall

Grey Suit for Winter / Fall Photog: The Mans Book

If the shirt was any darker, the white tennis shoes would clash, but with the white of the pocket square and lightly colored shirt, the casual footwear works.

In contrast, the wool suit with the brown accenting is perfect for Fall or Winter, but would definitely not be appropriate for Spring or Summer. The color combinations simply don’t celebrate warmth, but also the layering just screams I want to feel warm.

Not a good look for Summer, but a solid case for Autumn style.

Anytime you are dressing up, always look at the details in terms of what piece of your ensemble highlights the other. We are in a time where old rules don’t apply as long as you are stylish about it.

Everything doesn’t have to match exactly. Meaning a solid red tie does not have to be paired with a solid red pocket square. You can easily wear a red tie with a light blue pocket square with red specks for example.

In the case of The Mans Book recent example, the yellow tie is paired with a white pocket square that has yellow stitching.

Style is a very subjective term, but if you aren’t confident wearing an outfit you put together, then don’t expect it to look good.

If you put on an outfit and feel like a million bucks, even if it is shorts and a button down shirt, then rock it till the buttons fall off.

With that said, the combination of light grey, white and yellow will always work during the warm months of the year.

For outdoor occasions, putting on a pair of tennis shoes sans visible socks and you take style to a whole new level.

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