At IPCPR 2015, Fratello Cigars announced a new display concept called, “The Tray” It is a modular Fratello branded display with 10 adjustable compartments and a capacity for 200 cigars that can easily showcase the full Fratello line-up.

With only 125 Trays produced, the distribution was limited to retailers who placed orders at the 2015 IPCPR cigar trade show. However, due to several production delays, no retailer to date has received their Tray.

What was the hold up? At the time of announcement, there was considerable buzz surrounding a ‘secret compartment’. But due to the location of the mysterious compartment, it created placement issues in trial runs.

As a result, the Tray’s secret compartment has been removed from the final design. Here is what Omar de Frias, Founder of Fratello Cigars had to say about the Tray, it’s delay and the secret compartment:

“After revisions with the design team, we decided to not to include the secret compartment so that the tray would fit most retailer shelves. This tray combines the power of engineering with functionality and style; cutting the total Fratello shelve space by 30% while increasing our cigar output by 10% was one of our main goals”. 

Shipments to qualifying retailers is set for May 2016, just ahead of the 84th Annual IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas.


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