When 55 of the top cigar and whisky dignitaries from Hong Kong to California show up in Cuba for a cigar pairing, you’d think plenty of Cuban cigars would be smoked.

Perhaps they were, but the headlining cigar was Nicaraguan, not Cuban!

Daniel Marshall, the famed world-class humidor artisan; co-hosted a cigar and whisky tasting event in Cuba with restaurant mogul Ranald McDonald of London’s Boisdale Restaurant Group.

Daniel’s Red Label cigar (pictured below) was paired with a rare cask of Glenfiddich’s finest whisky. On a side note, I have smoked plenty of Red Label’s and without a doubt the Red Label Torpedo is one of my favorites of all time.

The event was held in the historic Salon Taganana, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, with a guest list that included the British Ambassador to Cuba, Jenna Freeman of Hunters & Frankau and British Count Geraldi to name a few.

Their palettes were treated to 18, 21 and 30 year old vintage Glenfiddich whiskey paired with Daniel’s Red Label Corona.

As always, Mr. Marshall was in high spirits and said, “I am absolutely honored to partner with Ranald Macdonald and offer this special moment around the campfire with our favorite things; good friends, whisky and cigars. I look forward to the day in the near future when our cigars can be enjoyed in this beautiful country. My wish is for cigar and whisky lovers around the world to enjoy life, good company, and to build traditions surrounding the modern day campfire.”

If you missed this event, Daniel Marshall and Glenfiddich host this exquisite pairing around the world. If you’d like to attend one, then contact Daniel Marshall for details:

Daniel Marshall/Glenfiddich Tasting Cigar Events are being scheduled worldwide. Please email info@danielmarshall.com or call (714) 923-2889 for details.

With that, I will leave you with a photo of my own Daniel Marshall Red Label and 26 year old Glenfiddich pairing from a year ago!

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