Cigars of the World has to be one of the most unique cigar shops in Houston. In fact, it may be one of the most unique shops I have been to period. Archie, the owner of this Houston gem is one of those matter of fact guys who speaks his mind with enough social awareness to make you laugh without putting you off.

For example, he nonchalantly told me his cigar lounge used to be his mechanic shop. But he changed it into a cigar lounge because he hated how other cigar lounges treated their customers.

So six years ago, he replaced the double garage doors with windows and converted the interior into a proper cigar lounge with a humidor, leather couches and all the other elements of a traditional lounge.

If that isn’t one of the most unique “how I started my lounge” stories, then I don’t know what is.

The twist is Archie also owns a wrecker service and he still builds his vehicles on site. Throughout his shop you will see CB radios laying around along with other parts which will inevitably find their way into his tow trucks. However as odd as it seems, it adds to the charm of his lounge.

He also owns the tattoo shop a few doors down. The benefit to this is that his shop is generally open late into the night, because his staff works between the two shops. Cigars of the World is open at least until 12 a.m., but may stay open later as Archie’s clientele dictates.

Currently his humidor is under construction as they are making space for cigar lockers. But you can still purchase from the wide variety he offers, provided you can look past the work in progress.

Overall, the vibe of the lounge is very laid back and offers two large seating areas.

Access to the lounge is on the left off Highway 6, just north of Clay Road if you are coming from I-10.

The area this shop is in isn’t for everyone. It’s far from upscale and requires a bit of forgiveness when pulling into the shopping center. But if you can look past it, then you will see its charm for what it is; a very laid back joint to buy cigars from and chill at if your into a very relaxed atmosphere.

Archie’s joint is what makes Houston’s cigar culture so diverse and exciting. Although I don’t spend a lot of time in the Copperfield area, I will be swinging by from time to time to catch up with Archie and get a better feel for the clientele there.

In the mean time, if you are around that area, definitely check it out!




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