Cigar of the Week: Avo Domaine No. 10
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As far as legends are concerned, the Avo Classic may be one of the best cigars ever made, but the Domaine will always be revered as the most personal cigar in the Avo collection.

The man behind the brand, Avo Uvezian grew a small batch of tobacco on his private estate which was used to blend the flavor profile of this cigar creamsicle.

None of the other Avo cigars feature tobacco from Mr. Uvezian’s private estate. It’s this intimate connection with the original Domaine’s tobacco which makes it such an endearing cigar in the Avo stable.

Avo Domaine No. 10 (5 x 50) Review Begins Here (Sponsored by Famous Smoke Shop): 

The Domaine now offers a Cuban seed / Connecticut hybrid wrapper harvested in Ecuador. The binder and filler are Dominican and the result is pure bliss.

What’s most astounding about this cigar is its price point. At about $10 +/- per cigar, what you are getting is an ultra-premium Davidoff cigar at a great value.

The difference between an Avo cigar vs. a Davidoff labeled cigar is the age on the wrapper. Everything else from a quality stand point is Davidoff through and through.

In fact, in 2014 Davidoff rebranded the entire label and continues to invest heavily in the Avo brand. In the last 4 days I have smoked 4 Avo Domaines and each one has delivered a consistent draw, flavor profile and construction.

Visually the cigar is beautiful with a supple golden wrapper which isn’t oily, but smooth. It’s newly designed band has a premium, classy look to it and is wrapped tightly to the cigar.

The Domaine is solid to hold, but when squeezed, it gives just enough to feel natural between  your fingers. It’s prelight aroma is pleasant and indicative of quality tobacco.

Once you light it and take your first draw, you have no choice but to acknowledge the creaminess of this cigar. It’s front and center and doesn’t let up throughout the 30+ minute smoke.

In addition to the creaminess of this cigar, you get hints of roasted almonds and elements of cedar.

From the band to the burn, Davidoff’s craftsmanship is evident throughout the cigar. I pulled off a 2″+ ash on each of the 4 cigars I smoked.

The ash burns white and no relighting was required between extended periods of rest.

As I got into the middle of the cigar, the flavor didn’t change, it simply intensified. The creaminess was still present, but you start to pick up shades of spice and tobacco.

Although part of this wrapper has Connecticut DNA, it doesn’t smoke like a Connecticut at all. The natural habano leaf has stronger presence throughout the smoke.

I’d easily put this into the medium bodied category. For some, it may be medium to full, but you get the fuller body in the 2nd half only.

Overall you can count on it being a solid medium bodied smoke with a strong finish.

As the cigar hits its last 3rd, you don’t want it to end because all of the first 3rd flavors intensify and become exceedingly delicious. You still continue to get the creaminess, but the roasted almond profile begins to dominate the robust finish.

At no point does the cigar make you salivate excessively or give you the jitters. In fact, I could smoke three of these in a row and feel perfectly fine.

In summary, for $10 +/- for a cigar with such a rich history and the pedigree of Davidoff; you can’t find a better value. This is a premium cigar all the way around and if you enjoy a creamy cigar with a solid medium bodied profile then this will easily make it into your rotation.

You can find this cigar at Famous Smoke Shop for $10.80 per cigar, $38.88 for four or $194 for a box of 20. Follow this link to check out this cigar and more at Famous Smoke Shop:


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