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Charli Fritz

While producing the art event titled, “CUBA: Celebrating a New Era of Artistic Expression”, I met an interesting girl named Charli Fritz.

She is spunky, creative and radiates good vibes.

Upon meeting her I immediately  knew I wanted to work with her. However, the timing for the Cuba event wasn’t right. So we stayed in touch and today I am proud to announce, “ARTISTA: Celebrating Houston’s Underground Female Artists.”

As I proposed the concept of the event to her, we both thought it would be a great idea to invite other artists to display their work as well.

In the end we concluded an all female line-up would not only be great for the art community, but also the City of Houston by sharing the creative energy of our sisters.


Tonight at ARTISTA, these amazing girls will dazzle an eclectic and diverse mix of Houstonian’s interested in viewing their creative works.

Their pieces will be displayed on the 3rd floor of Mr. Peeples where an intriguing deconstructed space, encapsulated by floor to ceiling windows will serve to highlight the overall ambiance of the evening.

In addition we will feature two DJ’s – Lady Spade (3rd floor) and Tiffany Kristensen (patio) along with 6 full craft bars spread around the entire venue. Of course cigars will be available in abundance and enjoyed on the downstairs patio or upstairs balcony overlooking Bagby Street.

It will be a true celebration among old and new friends amid amazing art by talented Houstonians! So who are these wonderful artistas? Let’s meet them:

Charli Fritz

Charli“Visual artist Charli Fritz draws inspiration from the link between chaos and order. The relationship between intention and chance is significant in the process of her live painting and series on display tonight, crafted with both found and sought out materials.   You’re invited to see more of the Houston artist at charlifritz.carbonmade.com



Nina Marinick

Nina“Houston based artist, Nina Marinick, is a multi-media artist inspired by the constant search to know more. She expresses herself by conquering large walls with her line driven murals, and on a smaller scale by focusing on tiny mandala ink and paper pieces. Nina often works with clay and found objects to create 3-dimensional models of her paintings and drawings. You can find her small business card sized booklets full of meticulous drawings, as well as her hand-painted clothes floating around the city. She has shown work at Art League Houston, Montrose Proper Art Gallery, Kingspoint LLC, The Silos, Common House Gallery, and The Lost Ward Gallery.”

Laurence E. Mullenix

CharliLaurence E. Mullenix was born in Houston, Texas, and has lived in the Katy-Houston area for nearly twenty years. They studied fine arts at the University of St Thomas in Montose, graduating recently in May of 2015. Mullenix primarily works with watercolor on paper, and employs saturated colors and high contrast within each painting. Their current body of work focuses upon spontaneity and abstraction with a bias towards landscapes. Diffused forms and planar elements communicate a sense of atmosphere and flow within these imaginary scenes meant to act as an interpretive playground for curious minds. Viewers are free to populate the spaces created within the paintings with their own individual stories, worldviews, or philosophies. Mullenix aims to include both expressiveness and ambiguity in each piece to achieve that end.

Diane Benavides Rios

benavidesDiane Benavides Rios is a youth educator, writer, and visual artist. She has fourteen years of educational experience working with marginalized youth within the public school system. Her goal is to help other educators define and grow in their pedagogical theory and practice. As an artist and writer she merges her Chicana experience, revolutionary insight, and her passion for writing. Her mixed media pieces include prose and poetry that examine fractured identities, sexuality, trauma, and healing.



VeraVERA ICON is a fine artist, model and graphic designer raised in Texas. “Vera Icon” means “true image of Christ” in Latin, and Vera Icon uses every sense of her names meaning as a brand, a personal goal, and as the theme to her work. As a child, she was inspired by anime and studied theology as well as other philosophies, metaphysics, and psychology. She expresses this mostly in her art series called “Christ is a woman” a familiar story about Lilith’s call to experience life as a woman. Vera Icon has been a freelance model since 2008, doing fashion, runway, live art modeling at the local art schools, as well as cosplay modeling. She is know for her cosplay of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, Mari Makinami from Evangelion, Annie Lionhart from Attack on Titan, and most of all Putple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia. In all of these artistic outlets, Vera has won several awards as well as several contests.”

Sana Ali

(Photo Unavailable) “Sana Ali is a Houston based artist who uses acrylics as her primary medium. Her art is a translation of her feelings on canvas or  other non-traditional surfaces.”

See you all tonight!

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