Why do you enjoy smoking cigars?

I simply want to dive deeper into this question and share an idea with you. This post won’t be full of scientific jargon, but thoughtful exploration on subjects many of us can relate to.

“Enjoying a cigar isn’t inherently bad for you, but the reason’s that cause us to smoke are what can do the most damage.”

Smoking a cigar can be an act of celebration, camaraderie or escape. In either of those scenarios, the cigar smoking experience is equivalent to “stopping to smell the roses.”

For many of us, when we sit and enjoy a cigar, it offers respite from everything going on in our daily lives. This is something only a cigar enthusiast can understand, because there is no other experience like it.

Vices & Introspection

With the amount of chemicals, alcohols, drugs and God knows what else I have put into my body; I should be in worse health than I am today.

I may radically break down in the next 20 years, but so far nearly two decades into life, I am holding up fairly well. Factually speaking, I have literally enjoyed cigars for half my life, the better half may  I add.

Friends my age who have done less damage to themselves over the years look 10 – 15 years older than me. The only difference I can notice is that they don’t handle emotions very well, nor have a reasonable outlet.

If they smoke (usually cigarettes), it is to cope with some other issue they are dealing with. When they consume alcohol, it is to relieve some form of stress. When they eat, it is to compensate for some other emotional trouble versus getting the right amount of nutrition for the day. Many of them can’t sit still long enough to enjoy a cigar.

This isn’t a criticism of their lifestyle choices, it just to highlight healthy relationships versus unhealthy relationships with our vices.

My alcohol consumption is purely a function of accentuating my cigar which I pair with it. I can’t stand cigarettes, because there is no artisan craftsmanship involved, nor do I appreciate the industrialized nature of them.

It’s like eating  Twinkies versus a hand made French pastry.

Ultimately, it’s my state of mind when approaching cigars that leads me to believe the cause of health concerns shouldn’t apply solely over the cigar itself.

Which brings me to my original idea; cigars (the delivery system for nicotine), isn’t any more bad for you than chocolate chip cookies (the delivery system for sugar) can be. It’s definitely not as healthy for you as a kale salad, but if you avoid one conflict a day because you are too busy smoking a cigar; that should carry some weight right?

Opportunity Cost

Do you remember a few years ago when the financial media was making a big deal about the opportunity cost of drinking a Starbucks coffee everyday?

Here is an excerpt from an article on Yahoo Finance from 2012:

“After 10 years, your Starbucks habit costs you a car. After 30 years, the $239,891 that you drank away (including investment returns), could have bought a house. Over 40 years, the Starbucks habit could reduce your retirement nest-egg by an astounding $634,428 — enough to generate an income of more than $2,600 a month.” (source)

*This is based on an average daily spend of $4.00

In contrast, I spend about $20.00 a day on cigars. I know people who spend more on cigars daily.  If I saved that money, then in 10 years I can not only buy a car, I can buy a Porsche 911.

In three years I can buy a decent sized fishing boat or take a trip around Europe. In one year, I can buy a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress for every room in my house.

Here is the caveat, I already owned a Porsche, Mercedes and BMW… I have a 26 foot sailboat and have traveled extensively around the world. I am still holding out for the Tempurpedic mattress however!

The point is, I wasn’t able to buy and do these things because I saved up cigar money, but because while I enjoyed cigars all these years, I’d come up with solutions to the greater challenges of life while sitting still enough to think through them.

And in some very special cases, the people who I enjoyed cigars with have given me advice on new ventures that have proven to be profitable beyond measure.

So the opportunity cost, at least for me has been not smoking enough cigars. My $20.00 a day has been about as effective as hiring a consultant, which would have cost me much more money. Besides, consultants are people paid to think for you.

Imagine if you got your smartest friends in a room together to help you hash out a major issues you were facing over a few cigars; I’d imagine you’d get a lot more accomplished in that time, than through a 3 month long consulting expedition costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you and your smartest friends can’t figure out the solution, then find smarter friends.

Emotional Toll

Is smoking a cigar worse for me than being in a relationship that is highly toxic? If I don’t stop everyday and reconcile my thoughts while enjoying a cigar, how can I create enough contrast in my life to separate the good from the bad?

I think for the majority of people who enjoy cigars, they would be worse off if they didn’t sit still and meditate daily over a cigar.

Each day people take respite from their daily life to enjoy a period of time when everything else takes a back seat to silent introspection or lighthearted conversation.

I can’t think of another activity which brings so many different people of all backgrounds into one setting to peacefully discuss the world’s most consequential topics without a single person losing their cool.

On the flip side, I have gotten into the worse conversations with previous girlfriends over where to eat. This is why I now only date girls who understand the cigar lifestyle. They don’t have to enjoy cigars themselves, but they need have the ability to sit still long enough for me to enjoy mine from time to time.

If they can do that for me, then I will sit through whatever place they decide to eat at, problem solved!

With that, I leave you to share your thoughts on why you enjoy cigars?

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