Corner Entertainment LogoIn the past 3 months, I have partied in Mexico City, San Pedro Sula, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and of course Houston. What I saw happen on January 22nd at 1919 Wine & Mixology forever forged my view that Houston is the greatest city to live in.

Leading up to January 22nd, we had amazing weather in the sunny 70’s. Then in true Houston fashion, Gaia went on one of her temper tantrums and blew in torrential rain and near freezing temperatures on January 22nd.

This also was the day of our first monthly Suits & Cigars | Fishnets & Champagne party hosted at 1919 Wine & Mixology.

The buzz for the event was extraordinary with over 400 confirmations leading up to the party. However, as each hour passed, it looked like the event would rain out before it even started.

As the day wore on, something I will never forget happened!

The rain cleared up around 6 pm. It was still cold, but it wasn’t the bone chilling weather that sometimes hits Houston this deep into Winter.

Feeling a bit more optimistic, I arrived at 1919 Wine & Mixology an hour early around 8 pm and found a few people already there enjoying craft cocktails at the bar and waiting for the party to start. Then within an hour and half, 1919 was full of Houston’s most beautiful and well dressed revelers.

By the time it was all said and done, over 300 people attended the event despite the cold and rain earlier in the day.

This was a statement for Houston.

I have partied in some really harsh conditions around the world, and in most other places nothing stops a party from happening.Suits & Cigars Feb 3 Considering Houston is now one of the best global cities for all things, January 22nd proved that nothing will stop  us from enjoying the fruits of our success.

There are very few nights in Houston where you can completely dress up and enjoy a party. Our typical nightlife doesn’t have a culture that supports revelry of a higher caliber.

That’s no knock on the fine establishments we have, but you’d most likely be out of place if you were to wear a suit & bow-tie or an elegant gown while partying in Houston on a regular night.

So when you have 300+ people show up for a party dressed in fine suits and beautiful ladies looking sexier than ever; then you Houston is ready to live up to the expectations of the titles we have been given!

Many people who came to Suits & Cigars | Fishnets & Champagne were invited by friends while others were visiting from out of town. That night left a lasting impression in their minds which they will take back with them to their city and say, those people in Houston party with class and sophistication.

This is how I felt when I left Monte Carlo and I am proud to say this is how I felt on January 22nd.

So here we are, about a week before Suits & Cigars | Fishnets and Champagne 2; I say we relent against all odds and not just do it again, but do it bigger, better and sexier!

I’d like to personally invite you to the event which will be not disappoint you from any angle.

Click here to visit the Facebook Event Page to get all the details and confirm your attendance!

I’ll leave you with a few social media posts from the night:


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